Cupido – Nanotechnology meets cardiology animation

Jun 1, 2019 | Projects


CLIENT: Cupido is developing  inhalable nanoparticles that can deliver a therapy directly to the diseased heart aiming to hit the core of the cardiovascular disease.

SERVICE: At 3DforScience we adapted the clients notes into a 3D scientific animation illustrating the journey of the nanoparticles in a trip to the heart and the advantages it presents compared to the current cardiology alternatives.

The growing cases of cardiovascular disease worldwide is a worrying trend and great concern to patients and health care agencies alike.

The EU-funded project Cupido proposes an innovative solution: the application of nanotechnologies to the cardiovascular field. Cupido consortium is working to develop biocompatible and biodegradable nanoparticles that can self-assemble and encapsulate a therapeutic molecule that will be released inside the cardiac cells.

Compared with traditional administration routes, CUPIDO’s aims to a higher heart-specificity, which should lower the drug dose and reduce the side-effects, thus, making it faster, more efficient and more patient-friendly as it showed in our cardiology animation.

EuroNanoForum 2019

From 12-14 June, the Cupido consortium was presenting at EuroNanoForum 2019 thir latest results. This event stands as the most significant European forum that brings together scientists, industrialists and policy makers in the area of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. With over 1000 participants from Europe and across the globe focusing on nanotechnologies and advanced materials science, innovation and business.

We at 3Dforscience are very proud to see our work displayed as visual key points in their stand, poster and the visual guide, showing their nanoparticle being absorbed in the alveoli and arriving at the heart. Therefore, they manage to communicate a cohesive image that helps to fix the key concepts effectively transmitting the mechanism of action explained in the video.

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