Cantabria Labs

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CLIENT: Cantabria Labs is a Spanish laboratory, brand of reference in dermatological prescription in Europe. The dedication and motivation of Cantabria labs lie in offering products to the society that improves the quality of life and health of people: “celebrate life”. With a presence in over 80 countries, Cantabria labs have become a company of international renown and support.

SERVICE: To celebrate the inauguration of the new Innovation Center “La Concha”,  Cantabria labs contacted us to create a corporate video showing the installations of such center. In 3DforScience, we went beyond science and took our equipment to capture the essence of the new eco-sustainable and innovation plant of Cantabria labs. For this corporate video, the aim was to film the essence that makes the innovation center ”La Concha” so special and eco-sustainable. To do this, the creative team of 3DforScience carefully thought about the way of telling this story most efficiently and compellingly.

Once the storytelling was approved by our client, our team of professional photographers went to Cantabria in order to start filming both the Innovation Center installations and the exceptional environment where it is found.

Thanks to our high-quality equipment of cameras and drones, we did not only achieve to tape the different installations within the Innovation Center and its staff. But also, we managed to captivate the environment wherein this center is found and, the properties that make it eco-sustainable.

i+d developments cantabria labs

A crucial part of this video was filming the whole production process, the machinery, and the regulated work environment in which the dedicated team of Cantabria labs works in.

Once all the material for the video was recorded, it was time to put all the pieces together and start telling the story. We accompanied all the images with infographics to explain more efficiently the characteristics of the innovation center ”La Concha”.

Cantabria labs international

We then proceed to add a compelling voice-over and background music to provide a sub-perceptual lift.

Would you like us to produce a corporate video to tribute your team or show your new installations?

In 3DforScience, we would love to help you with it. Whether it is the explanation of complex technologies or the creation of a corporate video for your company, we will ensure your visual needs come to life.

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