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Zoom is the application of the moment. Confinement has popularized this program, which allows you to hold video conferences, chat and give webinars.

Such has been its success that we have seen how politicians use it to give press conferences, entrepreneurs to give courses and friends to talk to each other.

Zoom can also be used to make video calls, arrange meetings and give online classes. All in one tool.

Online training is booming. Webinars, classes and courses are the order of the day. Also, many professionals (teachers, coaches, therapists, etc.) need to continue providing their services online. It is time to the Virtual Background Zoom.

The long-awaited digital transformation is here to stay

Companies are beginning to realize the immense potential of online business.

Teleworking has been installed in our homes as a solution to execute the obligations of our employees without leaving home. Moreover, it is the best tool to reconcile a professional and family life.

What are the backgrounds of Zoom?

The Virtual Background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting.  You can choose your images or videos as a virtual background. For example, you can put a background with your company logo or an image of a special product/technology. This virtual background will be visible to all participants of a video conference.Why change the background in Zoom?

what is virtual background zoom

The Zoom platform is the most suitable option for those people who wish to hold video conferences in which many people participate at the same time. Another reason the Zoom platform has gained so much popularity is that it is almost the only program that allows you to replace the background behind you with different images or videos. Other programs require you to use a “green screen” to replace the virtual background. You can also use it in Zoom to make the quality of the background better, but it is not mandatory at all.

However, why change the background at all? Because today, most people work directly from home and are often surrounded by children, pets, and other family members. Someone may have started a home renovation before quarantine and cannot finish it for obvious reasons, or they may simply not want to do the extra cleaning.

Often, your home is not something you want to show everyone. In this case, the Zoom background replacement feature is what allows you to avoid sharing the details of your private life with colleagues.

Benefits of changing the background of your call by Zoom

benefits of using zoom background

– To impact the client you are making the call with, by having an innovative and uncommon background.

– Generate a greater impact on your call, since the client will remember your background when thinking about your meeting.

– Create interest in a company that takes care of the details (like changing your background with your logo for example), to make the call more attractive.

– Demonstrate that you are aware of the latest advances in technology, which generates greater confidence and credibility for your company.

– Innovate with a fun and unconventional call thanks to your background.

– Provide a more pleasant environment virtually.


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