Surgery’s future: virtual reality goggles

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Surgeons have to combine both technical skills and academic knowledge to save people’s life. Being able to keep concentration under pressure is also an important skill for surgeons, as a mistake in a surgical procedure could be a matter of like or death.

Nowadays, 3D technologies as VR goggles have emerged as powerful tools to cause a revolution in surgery. They can be used not only as formative solutions for surgery students, but also for assisting surgeons and technically facilitate their procedures.

In 3DforScience we can design 3D anatomy models to be integrated into apps compatible with virtual reality goggles, which are the present and future of surgery. The different applications of these technologies in surgery are going to be described in the following lines.

Virtual reality in surgery

VR goggles as formative solutions for surgery students

3D VR technologies can be useful for educational purposes. Many universities worldwide have already implemented the use of VR goggles for students of healthcare degrees such as biology or medicine. 

For instance, the use of 3D interactive anatomy models allows the students to learn in a more attractive visual way the anatomical distribution and structure of the different body organs and systems.

VR goggles

Moreover, combining these interactive 3D models with VR goggles allows also to place these 3D simulations onto a dummy just by using voice commands. This can be very useful for surgery students to practice, for instance, an appendectomy or pacemaker implantation using just a virtual catheter or other virtual medical instruments.

Virtual reality in medical surgery

Advantages of using virtual reality goggles in surgery

The integration of a 3D anatomy app within VR goggles can also provide many advantages during real surgical procedures. 

These technologies can be used as a powerful assistant for surgeons. For instance, they can facilitate the access of the surgeon to the patient’s clinical info (e.g. X-rays, current treatments, allergies…) during a procedure.

Surgery using VR

Moreover, virtual reality goggles can be used as a guide during surgical procedures, by translating patient’s X-rays into a 3D brain simulation model placed over patient’s head. Thus, once the surgeon introduces the catheter into the skull, the different brain’s regions touched by the catheter will get highlighted to guide the surgeon during the procedure.

Head surgery virtual reality technology

How 3DforScience can contribute to the present and future of surgery?

3DforScience is a scientific communication company specialized in visual content for the life science sector. We are a passionate creative team of scientists, marketers, artists, and animators with a shared aim: to help you improve your scientific communication with innovative and unique creative solutions. 

We can design 3D animated scientific models to be integrated within VR goggles apps. Our extensive experience within the field ensures all the content we produce is scientifically accurate, innovative, engaging, and pitched at the right level for the target audience.

Would you like to bring your scientific messaging to life? Contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with a unique creation.

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