Requesting a scientific animation funding

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Investing in something has always been a challenge for all companies. Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each action that make a company stand out from the rest requires dedication and a willingness to change. Don’t wait and start requesting a scientific animation.

requesting scientific animation

However, finding the data and arguments to convince the members of the company is the first challenge you can face.

In the following post we will expose you some reasons that can help you to convince your board about investing in 3d animation video.

Requesting scientific animation funding

Technology as engagement tool

Usually the best option is to seek innovative things that generate interest in the company to acquire that product/service. One efficient way is to show sucessful examples of other companies using this kind of services.

Sometimes, all we need to do is allowing your audience to experience new technologies to discover by themselves how it will bring value to the company- Offer them to try Virtual Reality glasses, and in a few seconds, they will be persuaded. Additionally, this will lead to the increasing popularity of your product due to the word of mouth phenomena.

Despite many restrictions throughout the years, our industry can nowadays offer many services that enhance communication methods, boost marketing strategies, and allow a better understanding of pathologies. These new tools include 3d animation videos, augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, etc. All of these services allow us not only to understand science more easily but also to add value to our products.

How to convince your board

Reason nº1: Explain your drug or device in 60 seconds.

Sometimes in science is difficult to transmit certain complex concepts. 3d animation video is definitely the easiest way to understand your drug MoA or device. This strategy will allow your patients or HCPs to have a clearer understanding of your product or pathology in just 60 seconds.

Reason nº2: Take your brand to next level.

In this noisy world, it is difficult to be remembered. So brands need to drag people attention through marketing actions. You can have a great product but nobody will notice unless you have a solid communication strategy.

Visual material will boost your strategy to next level. Your brand will be remembered.

Reason nº3: Have a quick Return Of Investment (ROI).

The first fact to perceive such investment is worth is to realize that these are not a one-time activity, but tools that are useful in a variety of marketing activities and within different departments.

Far from the concept that the use of medical animation video is limited to conferences, it is the fact that a medical animation does 95% of the work of a representative or a member of the company within the stand in a trade show.

This is because medical animation videos explain throughout images that, we are not able to explain with words. Therefore, in order to get funding, let the board know that a medical animation video is an answer to every: “We are experiencing difficulties explaining the Mechanism of Action of our product.”

moa animation requesting fund

This content can be used for many other purposes, from scientific illustrations used on power points or websites to 3D models used in virtual and augmented reality. Extracts from the video can also be used to create loops or the new design of your booth for scientific trade shows. Displaying such content allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to convey their ideas to the world without any other help than a medical animation video.

Allies to use scientific animation

Sometimes your own opinion is not enough to use innovative methods in the company. In such cases, it is useful to find and attract allies within the organization to defend your idea. Contributing arguments that indicate current problems can solve that video.In both biotech and pharmaceutical companies, the sales department would be happier with additional tools that would help their medical representatives during doctor visits.

It could also happen that the public relations manager is trying to convey information about a particular drug to the public, and which mechanism of action is challenging to understand. In both cases, an innovative video would allow them to simplify the message of their new product and explain it meticulously in just 30 seconds.

What can you do to obtain medical animation funding?

Explain your organization that a medical animation video is not only about the video itself, but the amount of content that it generates. Nonetheless, sometimes your voice is not sufficient. In such cases, try to find allies within your organization, identify which departments could benefit from all the material and ask these simple questions ”Whose problems can this video help solve? and, how can it be re-utilized?”

video moa scientific animation


Depending on the time and needs of the company, your allies may be departments such as medical affairs, event organization, sales effectiveness, digital effectiveness, sales department, eDetailing, etc. In TOP pharmaceutical companies, the structure may differ, but most likely you already have the idea.

Armed with numbers, consistent data, and with the support of the right allies, you can push your organization to make the right decision.

Raising awareness of your pathology, improve your branding or boosting your sales…there are several heavy reasons you can take into account when you face your board in a meeting. Are you ready to take your brand to next level?


3DforScience is a scientific communication company specialized in digital content for the pharma and biotech industries. Our passionate creative team works alongside an in-house scientific team to provide cutting-edge medical animations, scientific illustrations, virtual reality, etc.

Our extensive experience within the field ensures all the content we produce is scientifically accurate, innovative, engaging, and pitched at the right level for the target audience. Would you like to bring your scientific messaging to life? Contact us. We would love to help you create something unique.

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