How much does a 3D medical animation video cost?

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3D medical animation videos are the most powerful tool to bring your scientific messaging to life. They allow you to explain complex medical concepts, such as the mechanism of action (MoA) of a drug or therapy,  in a clear, concise, and engaging way. Because of their ability to bring your science to the next level, persuade and inform, medical animation videos are starting to gain popularity within the biotech and pharma industry.

And thus, they have become an indispensable marketing means during the launching of a new drug or technology, and also, an essential tool for medical representatives. The team of 3DforScience, formed by a passionate team of artists, animators, and in-house scientists with extensive knowledge within the field, work alongside to produce cutting-edge medical animations that are scientifically accurate, detailed, and pitched at the right level for the target audience.

You can see by yourself how our animations have the highest-quality by checking our page.Medical animation videos are an extremely promising, and revolutionizing part of the Life Science industry, nonetheless, it is very hard not to answer this question ambiguously. As the truth is: the price depends on many factors, which include the length of the video, the numbers of 3D elements to be created, the project complexity, and the desired quality, among others.

Despite the different variables that impact the cost of a 3D medical animation video, in 3DforScience we always work according to the client’s budget. This means that if you wish to produce a medical animation video with us, everything you have to do is give us a budget and we will tell you what we can create with it! Nonetheless, let us tell you more about the factors that may influence the price of a medical animation video:

Factors that influence the cost of a scientific animation:

Video duration

Whether it is a short 30-second video or a long 3-minute video, our scientific team needs to study your technology in deep. This will help us to think about the ways we can tell your technology concisely, and how we can showcase the value of it. Despite our attempts to make medical animation videos as concise as possible, a longer video mostly means a higher price. This is due to longer videos requiring more 3D elements and also a higher rendering time.

Project complexity

Nonetheless, time is not the only factor, since the number of elements created, and the complexity of them will also conditionate the price. Thus, if the same components keep on appearing throughout the video, the video will have a cheaper cost, as it is possible to re-utilize elements that we have already created for you. Hence, it is essential to understand the complexity of the project and to whom it is addressed. Highly-detailed videos will normally require a higher budget than simple videos.

Creative development hours

We have to keep in mind that all the 3D elements are created from scratch for each project. Each graphic is developed by our creative team, always translating our client’s ideas into illustrations, and consequently, to high-quality 3D components. This process takes a lot of time and dedication.

Rendering quality

Creating all the 3D elements is only the first step of a final animation process. Once we have such components, we need to render all the scenes with a computational software that requires to solve complex lighting algorithms. This process, however, is high time-consuming, and computers need to work non-stop at their highest potency. This is why the higher the quality is needed for the render, the more expensive the animation video will be.

Quality of style

There are several styles when making a medical animation, this could be in 2D, 3D, or simple sketches. Depending on what the client wants, the project will follow a specific style. We need to think that the less high-detail of the graphics, the cheaper the video will be. Nonetheless, those videos that have the highest quality require high-detailed elements.

Feedback rounds

When doing a medical animation video there are different steps: conceptualization, storyboard, visualization, and animation. In 3DForScience, we always give our clients the possibility of two feedback roundsb during each phase to ensure the project is being created as the client’s desire. This is why we never proceed to the next step until we have got the approval of our client. However, if extra feedback is given out of these rounds, the costs of the project may increase slightly.


When making a medical animation video, we do not have to think about it as a mere video but as a tool that will potentially give us a return of investment (ROI). The uses of scientific animation go beyond their informative purpose, but they are also powerful tools to use by medical representatives or in meetings with investors and potential clients. The medical videos the team of 3DforScience develop, create a strong visual identity for your marketing campaign. Since we create custom-made material from scratch, all the content can be utilized across multiple channels that will reinforce your marketing campaign. And thus, animation assets can be reutilized for various applications.

  • Training tools for clinicians and medical representatives
  • PowerPoint Presentations & corporate desk
  • Patient Education
  • High-detailed for your Social Media Channels
  • Interactive content, looped video, and content for your website
  • Virtual & augmented reality apps
  • Product Demonstration
  • Digital Assets for Congresses and Conferences)
  • Corporate Communications
  • Other Marketing content

Would you like to create a cutting-edge scientific animation? Contac us. We would love to help you create something unique.

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