Explain your technology platform by 3D scientific animation

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3D scientific animations are videos that combine powerful 3D animations, a voice-over, and on-screen text allow you to bring your scientific messaging to life.

They take your audience into an immersive journey, where in they can explore complex biological processes involved in the development of various diseases and explaining how cutting-edge treatments can be used to overcome such conditions.

When it comes to explaining your technology, scientific animation will make the challenging medical concepts behind your technology concise, clear, and engaging.

Would you like to know how? Continue reading, we will explain to you how we have succeeded in bringing to life complex technologies.

Our team of scientists and artists has covered various technologies, from drug delivery platforms to immunotherapeutics.

Wearable devices and their contactless electromagnetic technology

Scientific animation videos successfully explain complex concepts that can be difficult to understand if told. This is the case of the drug delivery platform of Sonceboz, a wearable injectable device that uses contactless electromagnetic technology to achieve long term reliability.

As the video reflects, the team of 3DforScience achieved to explain such a challenging concept making it clear and easy to understand.

When we worked with Sonceboz, we focused on showing how the GentleTouch Piston works, and showed the potential of this technology on giving  the flexibility to go from clinical trials to life cycle management.

Scientific animation to explain the technology behind Rousselot X-Pure

Rousselot X-Pure is the purest gelatin and collagen technology. Due to powerful graphics and smooth story-telling, we successfully explained the relevance of gelatin in cultures of human stem cells.

We added value to the gelatin of Rousselot by creating the biological structure of the Rousselot X-Pure gelatin and compare it with the typical structure of the other gelatins within the market.

Additionally, we graphically represented how contaminants like endotoxins are avoided within this pure gelatin, and the way toxins negatively alter crucial processes in stem cells such as viability, proliferation, and differentiation.

Visualizing imotopes: a new class of immunotherapeutics

The technology behind the Immunotherapeutics of Imcyse lies in the combination of target antigenic natural HLA-Class II peptidic epitopes with a specific thioredox motif.

This technology induces the lysis of a significant part of cells associated with the autoimmune response.

Since these modified peptides block the autoimmune response without affecting other functions, it is a very promising technology for the treatment of autoimmune degenerative diseases such as type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

To envision this technology and make it easier to understand, the team of 3DforScience visualized how the interaction between Imotopes and antigen-specific cells occurs, and how this inhibits the autoimmune response.

As we can see from these three examples, scientific animation is a powerful approach to bring scientific technologies to life. The high-detailed graphics produced to create these videos engage the audience and facilitates the understanding of complex technologies in just a few seconds.

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