3DforScience will attend IN-Cosmetics Global 2023

7 Minutes


The 3DforScience team will be present at the IN-Cosmetics Global event, the world’s leading event for personal care ingredients, on March 28-30 in Barcelona. Specific networking opportunities for the international personal care community will provide the tools to help brands evolve.

This sector is focused on improving the physical aspects of people, such as the beauty of skin and hair. Today’s cosmetics industry involves branches such as chemistry, biology, pharmacy, and medicine. From a commercial point of view, it is an industry that generates profits in a large part of the market, since these products affect laboratories, pharmacies, perfumeries, supermarkets, health professionals, beauty advisors, and health authorities.

3DforScience will provide market insights and examples of how new technologies can help move the idea from the final product to the customer, among other things. All areas of the cosmetics industry will be connected to inspire, share ideas and awaken possible collaborations.

How 3DforScience can help

3DforScience is a scientific communication company specializing in visual content for the life science sector. We are a passionate creative team of scientists, marketers, artists, and animators with a shared aim: to help you improve your scientific communication with innovative and unique creative solutions. 

We can help to boost your scientific communication capabilities within the biotechnological/ molecular biology fields by designing unique creative solutions such as 3D animation videos or illustrations. 

Would you like to bring your scientific messaging to life? Contact us. We would be pleased to provide you with a unique creation. 

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