Unlock the Power of Cosmetic Animation: Discover the Science Behind K18 Peptide Hair Repair

3 Minutes


Through the use of powerful cosmetic animation visuals, Solfarcos and 3DforScience offer an enlightening glimpse into the peptide’s mechanism, setting a new standard for how cosmetic and pharmaceutical advancements are communicated.



Solfarcos is a Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Solutions company created in 2016 as a result of a ”spin-off’ of the University of Minho. Solfarcos offers peptide-based solutions for cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications.

SERVICE: Our client needed to explain the mechanism of action of the Aquis K18 Peptide, and how its performance in combination with keratin, offers such peptide a unique ability to repair damaged hair. From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D scientific animation video explaining how Aquis K18 Peptide’s action on disulfide bonds within the keratin chairs confers hair-repairing effects as compared to the competence.

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Peptide K18: Mechanism of Action

Our medical graphic designer team explained the mechanism of action of peptide 18 cleverly and simply and highlighted the benefits of such peptide in comparison to the products used for the competence.

Aquis K18 peptide is a peptide that works by reconnecting the keratin chains in damaged hair by reforming the disulfide bonds. These bonds make the hair more resistant. To reproduce this process, the animation team worked alongside the scientific team of  3DforScience to ensure scientific accuracy artistically through a specialized cosmetic animation

Peptide Treatment Animation

This is a permanent treatment in which the product is not removed with water as often happens with other conditioners. The K18 peptide transforms damaged hair into the hair with greater flexibility and resistance. Through the use of powerful visuals in 3D, we achieved to compare the effect of Aquis K18 peptide to other products in a successful way.



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