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Commercialize drug 3D Animation

Commercialize a drug: 3D to speed up the process

The discovery and development of new drugs is a long process. ¿Commercialize a drug? Let’s talk about the use of...

What is the endocrine system: 3D animation to explain it

The endocrine system is a crucial human body component, responsible for regulating various bodily functions. Composed of glands, hormones, and...
Macrophague 3D Animation

The Power of Medical 3D Animation: A Comprehensive Guide

ㅤ In the world of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, effective communication plays a crucial role in educating, engaging, and empowering both...

Skin Cancer: Using 3D Technology to Improve Communication and Prevention

3D technology has evolved as a significant tool for communication and prevention in a variety of disciplines, including healthcare, in...

Visualizing Asthma with 3D Animation: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

As one of the most common chronic respiratory diseases worldwide, asthma affects millions of people of all ages. According to...

Why Medical Animation should be part of your Life Science company’s toolkit

Medical Animation’s influence on Life Science companies Medical animation is a valuable tool that can have a significant impact on...

Harnessing the Power of Medical Animation to Boost Life Science Results

Medical animation can help life science companies communicate complex concepts and research findings, improving the understanding and retention of information...

Unity vs Unreal: the best animation program

The two main real-time rendering engines used today are Unity and Unreal. These two powerful tools have been mainly used...


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