Lucent Bioscience’s Soileos: 3D Animations for Sustainable Agri-Tech Innovations

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Discover how 3D animation is helping Lucent Bioscience, a pioneering Canadian biotechnology company revolutionizing sustainable agriculture with Soileos, to showcase its contributions to soil health, yield enhancement, and carbon sequestration via engaging 3D agricultural animation videos. Through our collaboration, 3DforScience has brought Soileos’ innovative attributes to life, showcasing  Join us in embracing a future where agriculture thrives in harmony with nature.

About Lucent Bioscience

CLIENT: Lucent Bioscience is a Canadian biotechnology company that develops and manufactures sustainable crop input solutions. Their mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable agri-food system through innovative crop input solutions that are climate-positive, non-polluting, and based on circular economies.

Their flagship product is Soileos, a micronutrient fertilizer created from upcycled peas, lentils, and oat hulls. Soileos is a slow-release fertilizer that provides nutrients to plants over an extended period, which can help to reduce nutrient runoff and leaching.

Agricultural 3D Animation Videos

SERVICE: As 3DforScience we worked together with Lucent Bioscience to visually communicate the innovative features and benefits of Soileos. Through a captivating animation video, the partnership effectively showcased the unique attributes of Soileos, highlighting its ability to increase yields, enhance soil health, and sequester carbon.


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Utilizing our expertise we worked closely with Lucent Bioscience to break down the complex processes of Soileos into easily understandable visuals. By illustrating how micronutrients are bound to cellulose fibers in a bioavailable form, viewers could be able to understand the concept of nutrient delivery without leaching or tie-up issues commonly associated with traditional fertilizers.


3d image how soil microbes slowly release micronutrients from fertilizers


Through high-quality visual representations, the animation narrated how soil microbes slowly release micronutrients from the cellulose fiber via microbial mineralization, facilitating easy uptake by plants. This dynamic representation communicated how Soileos fosters healthier soil by promoting microbial activity and increasing microbial biomass, ultimately leading to improved soil health and carbon sequestration.


3d image showcasing the process of microbial mineralization


In addition to this, the animation highlighted Soileos’ bio-active delivery system, emphasizing its ability to provide nutrients to plants precisely when needed during the growing season. This aspect was crucial in demonstrating how Soileos contributes to higher yields and healthier soil by optimizing nutrient availability and uptake.

By leveraging animation as a powerful communication tool, 3Dforscience and Lucent Bioscience successfully conveyed the unique features and benefits of Soileos, crafting the way for greater understanding and adoption of this innovative micronutrient fertilizer in the agricultural community.

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