Avivagen develops science-based, natural health products for animals that are proven in clinical trials and offer veterinarians real alternatives to traditional treatments.


From 3DforScience, we produced a 3D scientific animation explaining that Avivagen is developing and commercializing products that promote health in animals and humans. We explain Avivagen Technology call OxC-beta™ technology, it is a proprietary, first-in-class source of β-carotene-oxygen copolymer compounds that confer a variety of non-vitamin A health benefits.

These benefits have wide, global utility, including replacement of antibiotics in livestock feeds, as well as for food-production conditions where antibiotics cannot be used, and supporting good health in companion animals.

OxC-beta: Improving Health by Enhancing Immune Defences

Avivagen’s discovery of the existence of β-carotene-oxygen copolymers as the main product of the spontaneous, non-enzymatic oxidation of β-carotene in air, together with their role as the actual source of non-vitamin A effects, has opened up major product opportunities.

The β-carotene copolymer active compound In Avivagen’s commercial products is most conveniently and economically provided in the form of fully oxidized β-carotene (OxBC), produced synthetically by a global β-carotene manufacturer. Synthetic OxBC is the richest and purest source of β-carotene-oxygen copolymer compound (85% by weight); the presence of very minor amounts of numerous co-generated, low molecular weight, norisoprenoid compounds reflect the oxidation process as it occurs naturally in plant materials.

Commercial OxBC formulations include OxC-beta™ Livestock premix for livestock feeds and Vivamune™ Health Chews supplements for companion animals. To explain this complex scientific process the 3DforScience team has developed in a high quality animation to clarify

The absence of both β-carotene and vitamin A in the OxC-beta™ products has permitted clear, unambiguous demonstrations of the non-vitamin A benefits of the β-carotene copolymer compound that previously were thought to arise from vitamin A or intact β-carotene itself.

In livestock, the health benefits of the β-carotene copolymer have been clearly shown in various trials with poultry, swine and dairy cattle, using low parts-per-million levels of the compound in feed. Better health translates into better productivity.

In companion animals such as canines, health benefits are observed in a variety of ways that depend on the individual health status of the animals.

Avivagen’s scientific publications support an immunological basis underlying the variety of health benefits observed in animals, it being understood that the β-carotene copolymer becomes effective when the immune system is in less than optimal condition, as is often the situation.

The OxC-beta™ first-in-class line of products now provide livestock producers and pet owners alike access to the actual source of non-vitamin A function, providing consistent and reliable results in enhancing the health of their animals.