Medical applications, devices and training with Augmented Reality

Nowadays, augmented reality in medical field reveals what can be done medical environment with digital health. From assisted surgery to 3D visualizations of intricate structures in physiology. This wide range of possibilities grants a long way to go and shows a glimpse of all the potential that hides this technology.

Augmented medical applications have unlimited potencial


From augmented reality medical devices to the training, the applications of this technology has the potential to change healthcare and ordinary medicine completely for doctors and patients alike. Therefore, is one of the most promising digital technologies at the moment. As consumers grow more demanding and less willing to wait, the challenge to the pharmaceutical industry is to meet this need while retaining their attention and create a meaningful impact.

This reality technology can help in this regard, translating specialized medical concepts into visual content that can be easily downloaded through an app and viewed on a smartphone. Moreover, this transforms the simple delivery of information into a more engaging interactive experience.

An unexpected ally of augmented reality in medical field

Current AR technologies like mixed reality, are on the edge of the breakthrough point. The big tech companies like Google and Microsoft are pushing their AR goggles and Hololens to overcome the current challenges. While, as today, these augmented reality medical applications and devices are still immature for the surgical environment, there are perfectly consolidated as a tool for education, training and communication porpuses.

Augmented Reality approaches pharma industry

Big pharmaceutical companies have changed their approach recently. Slowly, addressing the new possibilities that these resources permit. This opens the gate to medium and small companies to implement these kinds of solutions. There is still room for early adopters to take advantage and differentiate themselves from the competition.