Similarity exercise of a biosimilar medicines by mAbxience

A biosimilar medicine (or similar biological medicine) is a biological medicine that contains a version of the active substance of an original biological product (reference product) for which [...]

Oncolytic adenovirus ONCOS-Mechanism of Action – Targovax

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3DforScience will exhibit at Bioeurope 2018

The BIO-Europe 2018 partnering event is expected to draw over 4,000 industry attendees for three days of high level networking, representing more than 2,000 companies from over 60 countries.

3DforScience will attend CPhI Worldwide 2018

CPhI Worldwide, ICSE, P-MEC, InnoPack & FDF exhibition halls are organized based on a zoning layout. The zoning format gathers businesses from a given sector of the pharmaceutical industry [...]